ESD Fellow nominations
are due February 1, 2017

For more information, please contact: Heather Lilley, or 248-353-0735, ext. 120.

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Election to the rank of Fellow is one of the highest recognitions that ESD can bestow on one of its members. We need your help to assure that qualified Fellow candidates are nominated for consideration of Fellow status.

Potential candidates must be ESD members in good standing for the past 5 years. Candidates should possess outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experiences in his or her profession as evidenced by accomplishments in the following major areas: technical achievement, professional achievement, and ESD service/leadership. Additional qualifications include professional society service and leadership accomplishment in the following areas: honors/awards, publications/patents, academic service/leadership, community service/leadership.

Please help us seek out and recognize the true engineering leaders within ESD by submitting your nominating form for Fellow to Heather Lilley at ESD Headquarters.




ESD College of Fellows

ESD Fellows are members of unusual distinction, conferred by invitation of the Board of Directors for outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in their professions as evidenced by accomplishments in the following major areas: technical achievement; professional achievement; ESD service and leadership; and professional society service and leadership — as indicated by honors and awards, publications and patents, academic service and leadership, and community service and leadership.

The Chair of the ESD College of Fellows is Susan Ostrowski, MA, PE, FESD

ESD Fellows:

Charles J. Allen, PE, FESD +
Douglas R. Allen, FESD
James A. Anderson, PE, FESD (2010)
John J. Andrews, PE, FESD*
Rupert Atkin, FESD
Charles M. Ayers, FESD +
Sol P. Baltimore, FESD (2016)
John Banicki, PE, FESD
Katherine M. Banicki, FESD (2011)
Frederick Bauer, PE, FESD
Peter Beardmore, PhD, FESD
Fred W. Beaufait, PhD, FESD
Gerald M. Belian, PE, FESD (2011)
John T. Benedict, FESD
William T. Birge, PE, FESD
Alvin F. Blair, AIA, FESD
Rudolph W. Blatt, FESD
Michael D. Bolon, FESD (2013)
Don C. Bramlett, PE, FESD (2005)
Rinehart S. Bright, FESD
Donald C. Brockman, PE, FESD*
Andrew Brown, Jr., PhD, PE, NAE, FESD (2009)
Warren C. Brown, FESD (2004)
Robert J. Buckler, PE, FESD
Dugald Cameron, FESD
David D. Campbell, FESD
H. Fred Campbell, FESD*
Charles M. Chambers, PhD, FESD*
Subir Chowdhury, DEng (Hon.), FESD (2006)
Susan M. Cischke, FESD
Francis E. Cogsdill, FESD
David Edward Cole, PhD, FESD
John Benjamin Colletti, FESD
W. Dale Compton, PhD, FESD
Keith W. Cooley, FESD (2016)
Michael F. Cooper, PE, FESD (2007)
Kenneth D. Cummins, PE, FESD
Richard E. Dauch, FESD*
Charles S. Davis, PhD, FESD*
Murray W. Davis, PE, FESD
Stephen R. Davis, PhD, FESD
Neil De Koker, FESD
Christopher D. Dingell, JD, PE, FESD (2006)
Frank A. Dipietro, FESD
Thomas M. Doran, PE (2012)
Vincent G. Dow, PE, FESD (2015)
Christopher D. Dyrda, FESD (2008)
William M. Dull, PE, FESD
Robert J. Eaton, FESD
Robert W. Ellis, PhD, PE, FESD
A. M. Entenman, Jr., PE, FESD*
F. Michael Faubert, PhD, PE, FESD
Timothy A. Fino, PE, FESD (2010)
Ann O. Fletcher, FESD*
Howard P. Freers, FESD
Donald N. Frey, PhD, FESD*
S. M. Frey, FESD*
Robert A. Frosch, PhD, FESD
Roger T. Gaskill, FESD
Andrew L. Gerhart, PhD, FESD (2015)
Yousif B. Ghafari, PE, FESD (2006)
Norman A. Gjostein, PhD, FESD*
Donald E. Goodwin, FESD (2010)
Nabil F. Grace, PhD, PE, FESD (2015)
Serge Gratch, PhD, FESD*
Kamesh Gupta, PE, FESD (2011)
David Hagen, FESD
E. E. Hagenlocker, PhD, FESD
Richard J. Haller, FESD (2011)
Leo E. Hanifin, PhD, FESD
David B. Hanson, FESD
John M. Harlan, FESD
David L. Harrington, PhD, FESD
Julius J. Harwood, PhD, PE, FESD
Susan S. Hawkins, FESD (2013)
Charles M. Heidel, PE, FESD
Naeim A. Henein, PhD, FESD
Donald Hillebrand, PhD, PE, FESD
George E. Hubbell, PE, BCEE, FESD (2016)
Lido A. Iacocca, FESD
Donald E. Jahncke, FESD*
Badih A. Jawad, PhD, FESD (2014)
S. D. Jeffe, FESD
Trevor O. Jones, FESD
Dennis M. King, FAIA, FESD
Christopher P. Kittides, PE, FESD
Jack L. Korb, FESD
Ralph H. Kummler, PhD, FESD*
Stephen J. Kuplicki, FESD
Steven E. Kurmas, PE, FESD (2011)
Harold A. Ladouceur, FESD (2016)
Monique A. Lake, FESD (2015)
Lydia B. Lazurenko, PE, FESD

Creighton C. Lederer, PE, FESD
Emmett N. Leith, FESD*
Michael W. Liedtke, FESD
Roy H. Link, FESD
Sue L. Littles, FESD (2005) +
John E. Lobbia, FESD*
David A. Lomas, PE, QEP, D.WRE, PMP, FESD (2016)
Robert E. Luetje, FESD (2004)
H. C. MacDonald, PhD, FESD
Ben C. Maibach III, FESD
Alex C. Mair, FESD*
Richard E. Marburger, PhD, FESD +
Craig Marks, PhD, FESD*
Lawrence W. Martin, PE, FESD
Tito R. Marzotto, PE, FESD +
J. Douglas Mathieson, FESD (2004)*
Robert J. Mauck, PE, AIA, FESD
Ernest R. McCamman, PE, FESD
Walter J. McCarthy, Jr., FESD
F. James McDonald, FESD*
Janice K. Means, PE, LEED AP, FESD (2015)
James G. Meenahan, PE, FESD +
Manish Mehta, PhD, FESD (2004)
David S. Meynell, FESD (2010)
Gordon H. Millar, PhD, FESD
Carol J. Miller, PhD, PE (2012)
William A. Moylan, PhD, PMP, FESD (2005)
Nils L. Muench, PhD, FESD
David C. Munson, Jr., PhD, FESD (2013)
A. Moussavi Nasle, PE, FESD
James L. Newman, CEM, LEED® AP, FESD (2010)
Jerome C. Neyer, PE, FESD +
H. A. Nickol, FESD
Joseph F. Neussendorfer, FESD (2016)
Joseph B. Olivieri, PhD, PE, FESD*
Paul S. Ostrowski, PhD, CCE, FESD*
Susan M. Ostrowski, PE, FESD (2007)
Stanford R. Ovshinsky, FESD (2009)*
James J. Padilla, FESD (2005)
William P. Panny, FESD
Edgar E. Parks, PhD, PE, FESD
Douglas E. Patton, FESD (2014)
Donald E. Petersen, FESD
Helen O. Petrauskas, FESD*
John G. Petty, FESD +
Nancy Philippart, FESD
Irvin E. Poston, PE, FESD
Ahmad Pourmovahed, PhD, FESD (2013)
Richard C. Prusinski, FESD* (2008)
John Rakolta, Jr., FESD
Louis G. Redstone, FAIA, FESD*
David G. Reeve, FESD
Lloyd Reuss, FESD (2009)
Michael J. Rokosz, FESD*
Richard D. Rossio, PE, FESD*
Michael F. Ryan, FESD (2016)
Pranab Saha, PhD, PE, FESD (2015)
Paul T. Sgriccia, PE, FESD (2008)
Daniel Shahan, PE, FESD*
Robert H. Shoemaker, FESD
David A. Skiven, PE, FESD* (2009)
Patrick J. Smithbauer, PE, LEED AP, FESD (2007)
Donald J. Smolenski, PhD, PE, FESD
Rebecca M. Spearot, PhD, PE, FESD (2010)
Harold K. Sperlich, FESD
Joseph D. Spielman, FESD
William M. Spreitzer, FESD
Robert C. Stempel, FESD*
Kirk T. Steudle, PE, FESD (2014)
Calvin L. Stevens, FESD
Robert A. Stevenson, PE, LEED AP, FESD (2010)
Stanley K. Stynes, PhD, PE, FESD
Sydney L. Terry, FESD*
Reinhold M. Tischler, FESD
Roy P. Trowbridge, FESD
Simon C. Tung, PhD, FESD
Satish S. Udpa, PhD, FESD (2013)
Mumtaz A. Usmen, PhD, PE, FESD +
Michael J. Vinarcik, PE, FESD (2008)
Harvey A. Wagner, FESD
Lewis N. Walker, PhD, PE, FESD (2012)
Filza H. Walters, FESD (2014)
Robert P. Washer, FESD (2007)
Christopher J. Webb, JD, PLC, FESD (2009)
Francis F. Widrig, PE, FESD*
Terry J. Woychowski, FESD (2015)
Charles L. Wu, PhD, FESD
Edwin H. Young, PE, FESD
Yang Zhao, PhD, FESD (2006)


* deceased
+ past Chair



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